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ALL PRO-GROW ORDERS SHIP FACTORY DIRECT to business, school, and residential addresses. 
Whether you're improving your growing operations with equipment to pasteurize propagation and potting media, custom batch mix large volumes of soil and different amendments specific to your region, or carefully germinate seeds, we supply user-friendly growing equipment specially designed for the greenhouse environment. Durable Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment LLC is an authorized Pro-Grow Distributor.

                                           PRO-GROW HEAVY-DUTY EQUIPMENT
Grow with a trusted brand committed to manufacturing their complete product line in the U.S.A. and specializing in professional grade heavy-duty horticulture equipment for over 30 years. "Caring everyday about special design details and manufacturing excellent quality products so our customers can grow with reliable products year after year, is who we are." ~ Pro-Grow's Engineering & Manufacturing team, Brookfield, WI, U.S.A.


Professional Growers


Hobby Growers

 manufactures their
entire line of durable horticulture equipment in Brookfield, WI, U.S.A. under it's Pro-GrowTM brand name only, for over 30 years. We are an Authorized Distributor for Pro-GrowTM horticulture equipment ~ home of the popular red commercial grade propagation mats and STEM kits (click here). 

Heavy-Duty Greenhouse and Nursery Growing Equipment

Durable Propagation Mats 
engineered for durability BUY HERE ONLINE
Durable Controls & Timers heavy-duty steel baked enamel finish
        BUY HERE ONLINE             
Durable Pro-Grow
Propagation Mat Kits: mats, thermostats & flats

Soil Mixers
   excellent reliability  
"known as workhorses"
Soil Sterilizers
An important first step in controlling the quality of your growing mixes
Germination Chambers
Pro-Grow's proven secure enclosure & front/back open access for mold prevention


             Growing Year-Round    
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Enjoy increased quality and production... year after year.
Durable Pro-Grow Germination Chambers offer an excellent Integrated Pest Management Solution for Greenhouses.

We are an Authorized Distributor for Pro-Grow Supply U.S.A. ~ home of the popular durable red propagation mats.
greenhouse batch soil mixers,soil sterilizers,germination and propagation equipment to grow year-round.
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